Reimagining a more circular transport system 

Lili-Ann Laan

Scania CV AB, Research & Innovation Office

Duration: 2 hours

Even before the Covid crisis, the E-commerce industry was on the rise, but due to recommendations to stay at home and keeping distance, it has been an absolute e-commerce boom. People order groceries, pharmacy goods, clothes, and technical devices online as never before, and demand for new solutions focusing on receiving the goods has never been higher. Thus, the role as a consumer is well facilitated. But how about the role as a producer of waste and discontinued products?

During this workshop, we will highlight the returning flow and shift the focus from package to waste. Can we design a more circular transport system by considering behaviors, vehicle concepts, and services? Welcome to a workshop where we together try to reimagine a more sustainable future.

Note that this workshop will partly take place in a digital whiteboard called Miro. To participate you need to register (free account) at We encourage you to do that in advance to save us all some time. The link to the work board will be handed out during the workshop.

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