Important information for presenters

We would like to inform you about the conference programme and how you should prepare your presentation. 

Firstly, a draft of the conference programme is now available on the conference website. If you click into days/sessions you should be able to find which session you are involved in. Note, this is a draft so there may be some changes between now and the conference start so please check back to verify your time. Each session consists of three 10-minute presentations followed 10 minutes at the end for questions and a discussion. 

Secondly, this means that you should prepare a 10 min presentation to summarise your paper. The papers are accessible to all participants so you can use the time to focus on the main contributions and conclusions of the paper. To ensure a smooth running of the sessions and to avoid potential connection difficulties, we want you to pre-record your presentation and upload it. This can be done, for example, within Powerpoint or the Zoom app (or another tool of your choice) but if you need guidance please contact us. The video should be 

  • in either mp4 or avi format.
  • no more than 10 mins long. 
  • self-standing so your slides, audio and (optionally) self-view should be contained within the recording. 

You will receive a link separately to where you should upload the video file. During the sessions, your presentation video will be played by the session organiser, so you do not need to present live. However, the questions and discussion will be held live so you should prepare for this, and preferably have your camera turned on. The deadline to upload your presentation is 7th June. 

There is no conference presentation template but for those who wish to include the conference logo in their slides, the conference logo may be downloaded in JPG or PDF format.

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