Call for workshops / discussions

We want to hear from you!

Usually one of the most stimulating parts of a conference is the interaction with other participants during coffee breaks, mingles, lunch, etc. So in order to try to include this interaction as much as possible in the online format of rev2021, we are organising in the programme opportunities to meet other participants and discuss common research interests. 

So, have a think about:

  • What would you like to discuss with others? For example, sustainable design techniques, AI in vehicle design, optimisation, funding opportunities, etc.
  • What type of activity would you like? For example, do you have some collaboration ideas you would like to start a chat with others about? Would you like to have a workshop where you can learn more? etc. 
  • Who should lead the activity? For example, would you like to help organise the activity yourself or is there someone else you would recommend to do so?

Then, send us your proposals for discussion and workshop topics and we will try to facilitate them at the conference. 

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